Exclusive Services

Auction Sales

An auction is a fun, interactive, way to sell your merchandise. In this type of sales method your items will be placed in groups, or remain individual, and assigned lot numbers starting with #1. All lots will begin selling at a specific time to the highest bidder. The auction doesn’t stop until all items are sold. This type of service is a good way to sell if you need to clear out a large collection, farm, ranch, or property.

Estate & Tag Sales

This method of selling is when all items are given an individual set price which is determined by past sales, research, and current market trends. Items will be offered to the public over a 1-3 day time period with discounts offered on the last day.

Business Liquidations

Are you in the process of closing your business, downsizing or thinking about retirement? If so, we can help you liquidate everything from the microwave in the break room to the fleet of trucks/heavy equipment in the yard. In most cases, companies are allowed to operate up to 48 hours before the auction or sale.

Bankruptcy & Attorney

If you work with the courts or a legal entity that needs accurate itemized statements, we would be glad to accommodate your needs. Appraisal services for courts are also provided. If you are an individual thinking about bankruptcy you may want to consider your asset to debt ratio. Sometimes your assets can be sold to cover your debt.

Farm & Ranch Sales

This type of sale is our favorite! We can turn your farm or ranch property into a sales arena that will attract buyers from all around. Some will travel hundreds of miles if you got the right stuff! This type of sale is often conducted using the auction method. Why? Because average turnouts range from 400-700 hundred people and an average of 300 registered bidders. There’s no better way to sell rural than this.

Rural Area Sales

Do you feel like you are too far off the beaten path to auction your items? Turns out that hundreds of people will travel of you got the right stuff!